analyze and adjust your app so that it can make money

- and then -

promote and market your app so that it does make money

  • data driven analysis: use our proprietary model to find signifiers indicating that your app has true commercial potential.
  • subject the app to beta testing in a limited market, driving users to the app: release, analyze, feedback, revise, repeat.
  • market your app for commercial release in a focused and cost-effective manner; pay rigorous attention to organic growth and in-app purchase volume.
  • find and exploit any other revenue opportunities.


What we will do

  • analyze your product
  • give you feedback
  • facilitate a beta test to figure out what changes to make
  • formulate marketing plan
  • run any marketing
  • pay for any marketing
  • manage all customer inquiries
  • report to you with full transparency
  • pay you promptly