Utilizing our expertise in mobile gaming and analytics, we are able to discover, engage and convert your target audience through three areas of focus.



Our team (US based, and across the world) knows the gaming industry inside and out. We can find the specific users you’re looking for, by utilizing various channels to target and convert them. Here are some of the marketing services we provide:

  • Campaigns (all based on in-depth analysis, optimized towards game KPIs and ROIs)
    • Run UA campaigns on multiple platforms and channels
    • Burst and influencer Campaigns
    • Utilizing the latest AI & machine learning tools to optimize as quickly and effectively as possible
  • In-game marketing and merchandising, cross promotion, media outlet exposure
  • Social media management and engagement
  • ASO
  • Marketing asset design
  • Brand awareness
  • Public relations


Product Management & live ops

Our product team will analyze your game - focusing on user engagement and monetization; the two pillars of a successful game.


  • Product feedback and best practices to prepare your game for future iterations – prototype to global release
  • Measure and track main engagement KPIs (retention, DAU, sessions, game progress)
  • Funnel analysis to optimize first UX and identify friction points – game rebalancing
  • Churn analysis (e.g. last level played, virtual currency balance etc)
  • Cohorts analysis (e.g. per version or per usage of specific feature)


  • Path to first purchase
  • Spending patterns
  • Price points A/B testing
  • Ads monetization frequency optimization (dynamic)
  • Push and in-app promotions, news and updates
  • Automated in-app marketing messages to upsell bundles
  • Segmentation of users by spending and progress in game


User Support & Community

Our team understands the importance of engaging with your audience in a fast & efficient way.

  • Monitoring & Responding to store reviews
  • Creating and updating FAQs, help text, and support templates
  • Managing multi-channel support requests
  • Social Media management & content generation