Thinking About Working with a Publisher on your Mobile Game? Here are 6 Questions You May Want To Ask

Meeting with a developer for the first time is always an exciting moment for us. We are interested in learning more about their company, their games, as well as what they’re looking for from a publishing standpoint. Developers know their games inside and out, but they are always curious when it comes to the publishing side of the business. What are some questions to ask when approaching a publisher? Below are the Top 6 Questions developers ask us:

1. What will you do with our game before launch?


We start by analyzing the game's: design (strengths and weaknesses), market appeal, and monetization strategy. This is followed by the implementation of our SDKs, which allows us to track (deep analytics), market, and monetize the game efficiently. We simultaneously exchange documents, assets, builds, and new strategies with the developers to ensure that the game is ready for the mobile market.

Soft Launch

If we decide to soft launch the game on the Google Play Store, we will reach out to our contacts at Google in the hope of getting the game accepted into “Early Access.” One of our games is currently in Early Access!

When a stable build is ready for testing, we will soft launch the game in specific countries to gather data on engagement, retention, UA, and monetization. During this phase, we will also acquire users for testing purposes. Our marketing campaigns will occur along with  new build iterations, which allows us to acquire a new cohort of players for testing. After the soft launch, we will work with our contacts at Apple and Google to get the game featured on launch day. Many of our games have been featured by Apple and Google; this is the best free marketing a mobile game can ask for!

Leading up to the launch, we will continue to work with your team to fine tune the game and prepare any last marketing assets for the global release.

2. What will you do with our game after launch?

After launch, we will continue to work alongside your team to provide: analytics, user experience suggestions, marketing, customer service, QA, and more. We focus heavily on player engagement, monetization, and marketing to produce long-term growth and a strong gaming community.  

A. In-App events

a. Giveaways

b. Contests

B. In-App marketing

a. Bundles

C. News / Updates

D. Local and Push Notifications

3. How will you promote our game?

Before any marketing takes place, we will analyze the game's overall appeal based on the genre, gameplay, target audience, and competitors. That will be followed by a deep look into the game’s best features; any features or major selling points that separate the game from its competitors will be exploited during our marketing and promotional campaigns. Marketing assets are exchanged throughout this process in preparation for campaigns. When we are ready to market the game, we will utilize our marketing expertise including (but by no means limited to) some of these techniques:

A. User Acquisition

B. Cross-promotion

C. Influencers

D. Media Outlets

E. Social Media blasts

F. Online game forums

4. What services do you offer developers?

A. Marketing (UA, cross promotion, influencers, media outlets, social media, online game forums)

B. Product Management (e.g., deep analytics, IAP and Ad monetization, in-app events, bundles, push notifications, and more)

C. Customer Service / Public Relations (community management, IAP errors, bugs)

D. Global Distribution

E. Localization

F. QA (small in-house team, outsource if necessary)

5. What type of games have you released in the past?

Since 2014, we’ve published both casual and mid-casual games on the App Store and Google Play Store. Our games cover a variety of genres, including but not limited to:


B. Simulation

C. Building / Management

D. Adventure

E. Action / Arcade

F. Puzzle

G. Match 3

6. Do you have any success stories?

Over the past few years, we’ve published over 20 game titles on the App Store and Google Play Store. 14 of our games have been featured by Apple and Google for “New Games We Love” and/or “Best New and Updated Games”. Those games have reached millions of users since launch and continue to grow!

Our two most successful games, Weed Firm: RePlanted and Weed Firm 2: Back to College have ranked within the Top 10 Free Games on the Appstore in multiple countries, and #1 in the RPG and Simulation categories. Both games have acquired millions of users and continue to grow through marketing campaigns and organic traffic.

Those are Top 6 questions developers will ask us; we usually follow up with a few questions of our own.

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