Zombies Chasing My Cat: Available now on the App Store and Google Play



A slight change of pace this week, as we shift from telling you about the business of games to talking about a game itself: Zombies Chasing My Cat, available for free for iOS, tvOS and Android devices now. You can download it from here and the Apple TV app store.  You should definitely do so:  the game is super-fun!

We won’t describe the game to you here - you can download it and see for yourself.  What we do want to talk about though is what caused us to agree to publish it and then to release it today.  In short, it’s as simple as saying that we love it. Zombies has been something of a passion project for us here at Thumbspire ever since the developers, Tiny Arts, first contacted us about it in November of last year. As soon as we played it for the first time, we all agreed that the game was really enjoyable and very well executed; after all what's not to love when you combine zombies and cats, the internet’s two favorite life (or un-life) forms? We hope that our enthusiasm for the game will be shared by mobile users across the world (many of whom will make an in-app purchase or two, as well as watching a few ads) but whatever happens, we’re really pleased to have worked on it and released it under the Thumbspire banner.

We’ve been getting some great feedback on the game - and as of Thursday afternoon, on April 27, Google Play has featured it in its New + Updated Games category - many thanks, Google!

So what are you waiting for? Download Zombies Chasing My Cat now.  Here is the link again, just to save you the trouble of scrolling back to the top of this page.  And then please do let us know what you think:  tweet us @thumbspire or send us an email here.

Enjoy dodging those relentless (but colorful) zombies!