Based in New York City, we are a team of gaming business specialists, and a proud part of Docomo Digital, the global e-commerce and marketing services subsidiary of NTT Docomo.  We work with our colleagues across the world to put together the best team with the right plan for our partners, and then we execute on that plan.  Our combination of specialized gaming expertise and global reach and resources, means we deliver great results quickly and cost-effectively.

              Daniel Cohen  /  General

             Daniel Cohen General

   Eva Rebagliato  /    User Acquisition

   Eva Rebagliato / User Acquisition

     Stefano Melucci  /  Product

    Stefano MelucciProduct

Brighid O'Dea  /  Community & Support

Brighid O'Dea / Community & Support

 Nick Giaimo  /  Business Development

 Nick GiaimoBusiness Development

           Cinzia Pontillo  /  Finance

          Cinzia PontilloFinance