Analyze. Optimize. Monetize.

Our Mission: empowering developers to reach the audience they deserve

We don't make games; we make your games more successful. We are here to support you, optimize your app and put our marketing dollars and connections to work for you.

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About Us

At Thumbspire, we work with and support mobile game developers to maximize their game’s potential. We do it by carefully analyzing how people engage with a game; using that data to optimize it to be the best it can be, and then finding the audience that the game deserves. We will work with you to get your app from a great idea to a great success.

Based in New York City, our team consists of a diverse mix of industry professionals who are passionate about all aspects of mobile gaming.

Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Rachèle Maouchi

Rachèle Maouchi

Human Resources
Stefano Melucci

Stefano Melucci

Head of Product

Brighid O’Dea

Brighid O’Dea

Lam Paturle

Lam Paturle

Cinzia Pontillo

Cinzia Pontillo


Our Method

analyze and adjust your app so that it can make money

promote and market your app so that it does make money

  • data driven analysis: use our proprietary model to find signifiers indicating that your app has true commercial potential.
  • subject the app to beta testing in a limited market, driving users to the app: release, analyze, feedback, revise, repeat.
  • market your app for commercial release in a focused and cost-effective manner; pay rigorous attention to organic growth and in-app purchase volume.
  • find and exploit any other revenue opportunities.

What we will do

About You

You are a game developer with an app and a dream. You recognize that there are a more than a million apps in the iOS and Google Play stores.

You are passionate about making great games. You are committed to continually optimizing your game to make it the best it can be, even after commercial launch.

What you do:

design a great app

develop it into an amazing app

work with us to fully analyze the app

work with us to optimize it




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